The CMLTO application process consists of the following components:

Online Application Submission

Supporting Document Submission

College Staff Review of Application

College Staff to Notify Applicant of Approval

Applicant Pays Pro-rated Registration Fee

When the CMLTO receives your completed online application, you will be sent a notice to submit your supporting documents in alignment with the Guarantor’s Verification Form. The CMLTO assesses your documents for completeness and may follow up with you by telephone or email for more information. CMLTO processes complete applications within twenty-one (21) calendar days. Applicants should take note that incomplete applications will lapse thirty-five (35) calendar days after the CMLTO requests supporting documents. Where available, a notice will be sent to the applicant by letter and email that their application has lapsed.

When can I start practising as an MLT?

When your application is determined to be complete and meets the registration criteria, CMLTO staff complete the administrative processes to issue you an approval notice by email. The approval notice also includes instructions for you to submit a pro-rated registration fee, which is your license fee. The registration fee is only pro-rated in your first year of registration. After you pay the pro-rated registration fee you are officially registered with the College. It is important to note that until you have paid the pro-rated registration fee you are not a registrant of the College and are therefore not able to work or practise as an MLT, nor hold yourself out as a “Medical Laboratory Technologist” or “MLT”. After you’ve paid the registration fee and your name appears on the CMLTO Public Register you are officially able to work as an MLT, and hold yourself out as an MLT.

Once you become CMLTO’s registrant, we will send you a wall certificate and welcome package within four (4) months from the date of your registration.

Applications referred to Registration Committee

When it is unclear if an applicant has met the registration criteria, their application may be referred to the Registration Committee (RC) in accordance with the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA), 1991. The legislation states a referral to the RC is made if the Registrar has doubts, on reasonable grounds, about whether the applicant fulfils the registration requirements. If this happens, an applicant is notified of the referral and given 30 days to submit additional documents. The Committee reviews the application and renders a decision. Applications referred to the Registration Committee for a decision result in a longer processing time. Once the Applicant is referred to the Registration Committee, the following process ensues.

Please review the graphic below for a snapshot of how the CMLTO processes each application.

If you would like further information regarding referral to Registration Committee, please contact the CMLTO Registration Department by email at