College Publications

Please consult the various publications that the College publishes and releases throughout the year. The CMLTO releases these items as a means of keeping its’ stakeholders informed about current events within the profession, governance matters, keystone performance data, and College achievements.



The CMLTO Annual Report is published yearly and provides a snapshot of the College’s achievements, committee reports and financial statements. The Annual Reports are PDFs and may be downloaded or viewed online.


FOCUS, is CMLTO’s official member publication. Until the summer of 2013, it was a print publication, published three times per year. Starting in June 2013, FOCUS is being published electronically and delivered to members’ email addresses. The PDFs of the electronic issues are no longer interactive.


The College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario’s employer newsletter delivers timely updates on legislative and regulatory issues affecting medical laboratories within Ontario’s health care system.

In 2022, the CMLTO has decided to reinvigorate this publication as a means of initiating increased engagement with our Employer stakeholder group. We are keen to continue to improve this publication, and invite feedback from you on topics or focus areas that you would like to see included.

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Please note that the interactive features (responding to survey questions) have been deactivated in the PDFs.


The annual Health Human Resource Report is an overall analysis of CMLTO registrant data and examines MLT practice, employment facility and status, as well as the provision of clinical education. 

The CMLTO announces the launch of the annual Health Human Resource Report through its blog and newsletter, FOCUS. For copies of our past reports, follow the link below: 

CMLTO Health Human Resource Reports: 


The Office of the Fairness Commissioner (OFC) oversees the registration practices of the CMLTO to ensure that they are transparent, objective, impartial and fair for anyone who wants to practise as a medical laboratory technologist in this province.

Read or download the CMLTO’s Fair Registration Practices Reports by clicking on the links below:

You can access the Office of the Fairness Commissioner’s assessment reports and reviews of the CMLTO registration practices within their website: Home (

If you have any questions regarding CMLTO’s publications, please contact