Ontario regulation permits the CMLTO to issue two different certificates of registration: Practising and Non-practising. The certificates of registration details and their requirements are found under Ontario Regulation 207/94 of the Medical Laboratory Technology Act, 1991. Registrants who hold valid registration in either certificate can use the protected title medical laboratory technologist or the abbreviation MLT. Valid registration can be confirmed through the CMLTO Public Register, which you can access here: CMLTO Public Register.

The three CMLTO certificates of registration are:

  • Practising – Registrants have met the CMLTO registration requirements and are able to practise or work as an MLT subject to terms, conditions, or limitations (where applicable).
  • Non-practising – Registrants have met the CMLTO registration requirements but are not currently practising or working as an MLT.
  • Emergency – Emergency certificates are only issued when the Ministry of Health or the CMLTO Board of Directors declares an emergency. Please contact the CMLTO to confirm if an emergency was declared prior to registering in this class.

The registration requirements for both classes are summarized below:

Registrants with Practising class Registrants with Non-practising class
Meets CMLTO registration requirements Meets CMLTO registration requirements
Pays the Practising registration fee Pays the Non-practising registration fee
Practice as an MLT subject to terms, conditions, and limitations (where applicable) Cannot practise or work as an MLT
Must have Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) that comply with CMLTO By-Law Are not required to hold PLI
Must participate in the Quality Assurance Program (QAP) Are not required to participate in the QAP
How do I change my certificate of registration from Non-Practising to Practising?

Registrants who wish to change from Non-Practising to Practising will be required to demonstrate that they meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Graduated from an accredited MLT program within the preceding three years. 
  2. Demonstrate active engagement by working as an MLT in the preceding three years.
  3. Demonstrate successful completion of CMLTO-approved refresher courses within the preceding three years.

Registrants can change their certificate of registration to Non-Practising by emailing registration@cmlto.com. Please include your full name, CMLTO registration number, and changing class request. Note that registration fees already paid are not reimbursed. If the request is during the renewal period, registrants can complete their changing class to Non-practising through the renewal platform. Under the Class of Registration tab, registrants can select “Non-practising” and their certificate change takes effect on January 1ST of the new year.

To Request Changing Registration Classes
To request a change in registration class to Practising, complete and submit the CMLTO Practising Certificate of Registration Request Form /Formulaire de demande de certificat d’inscription à la pratique de l’OTLMO 

For more information, please refer to Registration Committee Policy 09: Changing Class of Registration available here / Pour plus d’informations, allez ici. For further information, please contact CMLTO Registration at registration@cmlto.com.

Emergency Certificate of Registration
For information about the Emergency class, please review Registration Committee Policy 21: Emergency Certificate of Registration available here / Certificat d’inscription en cas d’urgence ici. Please note that those with Emergency certificates will practise under supervision.

Please consult the resources below for more information about practising under supervision: 

  • CMLTO Supervision Form (available in English here / disponible en français ici
  • CMLTO Guidelines for Supervision (available in English here / disponible en français ici

For further information, please contact the CMLTO Registration Department at registration@cmlto.com

Please consult this infographic for further information: 

How do I resign my CMLTO registration?

Registrants can resign their registration through CMLTO Online Services by selecting ‘Resign, effective immediately’. They must fill out the required information to complete their resignation. Once processed, a resignation confirmation letter will be sent to the registrant. Note that registration fees already paid are not reimbursed. 

During the renewal period (November to January), registrants can complete their resignations through the renewal platform. Under the Class of Registration tab, registrations would select “Resign” and complete all required sections. The resignation would take effect on January 1st of the new year. Please note that:

  • Retirement from your employer does not disqualify you from maintaining your CMLTO registration. You may consider maintaining your Practising certificate or changing to a Non-practising certificate.
  • When a registrant resigns their CMLTO registration, they cannot legally use the protected title “medical laboratory technologist” or MLT in Ontario.

Those who resigned and would like to become an MLT again will need to reapply to the CMLTO and meet the registration requirements in force at that time. Registration requirements change from time to time and may be different from those they first met when they registered with the CMLTO.