Active engagement in the profession is an important registration requirement to practice in medical laboratory technology. Active engagement may be demonstrated by:

  • Working in the profession or clinical placement (for MLT students) in the preceding three years
  • CMLTO approved refresher courses completed in the preceding three years

Refresher courses allow CMLTO registrants to demonstrate the currency of their MLT knowledge, skill, or judgment. Refresher course hours are required if:

  • An applicant applies for a Practising certificate of registration but cannot demonstrate their active engagement in the profession (i.e., not a recent MLT student or worked as an MLT), 
  • Non-Practising registrants who wish to change their registration class to Practising but cannot demonstrate their active engagement.

How many refresher course hours do I need to complete?

The required number of refresher course hours depends on the number of years a registrant or applicant was away from the profession. The required hours must be completed within the three years preceding their application.

Years away from practice Required refresher course hours
More than 6 years 90 hours
3 to 6 years 60 hours
0 to 3 years 0 hours*

*0 hours of refresher course hours are needed for individuals who can demonstrate they worked as an MLT or were an MLT student or teacher in the past three years. If this cannot be demonstrated then the 3-6 or >6 year requirements apply.

Where can I access the approved refresher courses?

The list of CMLTO-approved refresher courses can be found below. Please note that the CMLTO does not provide these refresher courses. The following lists of refresher courses are offered by different educational and professional institutions and were reviewed and approved by the CMLTO Registration Committee. To register for the course(s), please contact the applicable educational and professional institution directly. 

Other courses may be submitted to the CMLTO Registration Committee for consideration for approval prior to enrollment in the course (the course must have an evaluation component and be related to medical laboratory science). For more information, please refer to the Registration Committee Policy 08: Refresher Courses available here.

What if I took refresher courses that are not on the lists?

Refresher courses that do not appear on the CMLTO-approved refresher course lists must be taken and completed from the following organizations:

  • The Michener Institute for Education at UHN
  • Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science
  • LabCE

Please submit a separate form for EACH refresher course. Send this form to the Registration Department, along with the guarantor-signed proof of completion and completed Guarantor’s verification form by following the current CMLTO submission guideline.

Other courses may be submitted to the CMLTO Registrar & CEO or Registration Committee for their review and approval prior to enrollment in the course (the course must have an evaluation component and relevant to medical laboratory science).

How do I submit proof of refresher course completion?

I am a new applicant I am a Non-practising registrant wanting to change to Practising
Course certificate(s) or transcript(s) Course certificate(s) or transcript(s)
Refresher course form (if the course was not included in the approved list) Refresher course form (if the course was not included in the approved list)
Complete Guarantor’s Verification Form Complete changing class request form

To request a change in registration class to Practising, complete and submit the CMLTO Practising Certificate of Registration Request Form.
For more information, please refer to Registration Committee Policy 09: Changing Class of Registration available here. For further information, please contact CMLTO Registration at

How does CMLTO add to, review, and update the refresher course lists?

Each year the CMLTO Registration Committee reviews, updates, and approves the various refresher course lists. Refresher courses must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have subject matter that is relevant to medical laboratory technology
  • Must have a formally evaluated component (i.e., exam, test, assessment)
  • Should address the fundamentals of the subject matter.

If your organization administers relevant medical laboratory technology courses and would like to request adding it to the CMLTO refresher course list, please contact the CMLTO Registration Department at