Each year, CMLTO registrants self-report their compliance with a series of Quality Assurance declarations during the annual registration renewal process. Registrants answer “yes” or “no” to each declaration. 

If a registrant answers “no” to any of the questions, this is considered non-compliance, and they will be contacted by Quality Assurance staff to provide an explanation. In some situations, a non-compliant MLT may be referred to the CMLTO Quality Assurance Committee for further review. Staff will ensure the MLT is provided all necessary information and given the opportunity to explain the situation to the Committee.

The declarations highlight essential professional practice requirements for safe MLT practice. They include:

  • I complied with the CMLTO Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.
  • I am competent to practise as a medical laboratory technologist.
  • I understand that it is my professional obligation to maintain an up-to-date Professional Portfolio.
  • I understand that it is mandatory for Practising registrants to participate in the CMLTO Quality Assurance Program.
  • I understand that I must submit to the College my self-assessment and learning goals by March 31st