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Message from the CMLTO Board Chair

As we head toward Fall 2021, the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table advises that Ontario “is in the 4th wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our models, federal models, and models in other jurisdictions predict a substantial 4th wave.”

The CMLTO Board of Directors supports the Table’s September 1st statement that vaccination offers substantial protection against severe health outcomes. Its modelling suggests that there will be “a rapid increase in the number of seriously ill people needing hospital care as workplaces and education re-open in September.” As such, the CMLTO office and Board will continue to operate virtually until further notice.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is deploying its last mile strategy to reach eligible Ontarians who haven’t received a first or second vaccine. On September 1st the Ontario government announced that it “will require people to be fully vaccinated and provide proof of their vaccination status to access certain businesses and settings starting September 22, 2021.”

On September 14th, the government released “the regulations and guidance for businesses and organizations to support them in implementing proof of vaccination requirements” when they take effect next week.

If you need help in obtaining a vaccination for yourself or your family, please visit the MOH’s COVID-19 site.

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