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Interprofessional collaboration study

Take 15 minutes to help evaluate the impact of recent regulatory changes on your clinical practice.
You're invited to participate in an online survey investigating recent regulatory changes related to interprofessional collaboration among health regulatory colleges and their members. Researchers at Western University along with the Ontario Health Human Resources Research Network are conducting research into changes to Bill 171 An Act to improve health systems by amending or repealing various enactments and enacting several Acts (2007) and Bill 179 An Act to amend various acts related to regulated health professionals and certain other Acts.

CMLTO Registrar and Executive Director Kathy Wilkie strongly encourages members to participate as the information gathered will evaluate the impact these regulatory changes have had on the MLT profession. Read her letter to members (PDF) here and a letter of information (PDF) from the research team here.

Data obtained from the survey will be encrypted to ensure confidentiality and presented in aggregate form to maintain the confidentiality of survey participants. The research team will share a summary of the results of this study with CMLTO.

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