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National Med Lab Week 2023

The CMLTO recognizes National Med Lab Week this year, which is running between April 9 – April 15, and is intended to encourage all Canadians to grow their understanding and appreciation of the Medical Laboratory profession.

Medical Laboratory Professionals play a pivotal role in delivering safe, high-quality patient care and producing test results that are integral to the diagnosis and treatment of countless health conditions.

Please consult the following Lab Week resources:

The CMLTO will be sharing National Med Lab Week 2023 information via our social media channels. Please follow our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for ideas about how you can engage with National Med Lab Week this year.

For access to the City of Toronto Proclamation on National Med Lab Week 2023, please download and consult the PDF document here

For more information on how to directly participate in National Med Lab Week, including access to the CSMLS Lab Week toolkit, follow this link: NMLW2023 | Members Area (csmls.org)

For access to information about the MLPAO Labs Save Lives campaign, intended to put a face to the integral work that lab professionals achieve, click here: Labs Save Lives | MLPAO

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