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MLTs may be redeployed to provide hospital-based care outside of scope

Message from Registrar & CEO Kathy Wilkie to MLTs

On April 22, 2021, the Ontario Ministry of Health (MOH) issued a memo to Health Profession Regulators of Ontario (HPRO), Ontario hospitals, and unions about new directives now in effect.

Chief Medical Officer of Health's (CMOH) Directive #2 (PDF)
CMOH Directive #2: Questions & Answers in English (PDF), in French (PDF).
CMOH Directive #3 (PDF)

Ontario Regulation 305/21 Regulated Health Professionals, made under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, 1990, is available to read here.

A new order under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, 1990 (EMCPA) authorizes healthcare professionals including MLTs to provide patient care services outside their regular scope of practice and enables hospitals to employ, contract, appoint, or otherwise engage regulated health professionals from out-of-province.

For more information, read or download the PDF of the full message.

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