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2020 to 2022/2023 CMLTO Strategic Framework released

The CMLTO team is committed to working effectively with the Council, the public, each other, members, government, stakeholders, and other health professionals to serve the public interest through achievement of the CMLTO Critical Outcomes/Ends Policy Direction established by the CMLTO Council.

The CMLTO Council refreshes its Critical Outcomes/Ends Policy Direction approximately every three to four years. The Council ensures that its direction is aligned with the legislation in Ontario. This Council policy sets the mandate and focus for the Registrar & CEO and team. In order to achieve maximum results, each year CMLTO refreshes its specificoperational outcomes, milestones, related tactics and operational plans designed toachieve the Critical Outcomes/Ends Policy direction.

The Registrar & CEO and team have created this strategic framework to summarize CMLTO’s strategic approach and priorities for achieving results over the period 2020 to 2022/2023. Click here to read or download the Strategic Framework document (PDF).

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