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COVID-19 vaccine resources for healthcare workers


19 To Zero is a dedicated coalition of academics, public health experts, behavioural economists, and creative professionals working to understand, engage with, and ultimately shift public perceptions around COVID-19 behaviours and vaccination. 

As a trusted source of information for Canadians, healthcare workers will be integral in ensuring vaccine uptake across the population. 19 To Zero is committed to supporting healthcare workers to:
  • Get educated about COVID-19 vaccines so you can feel confident in your decisions and recommendations related to vaccination
  • Get vaccinated yourself to keep others safe and demonstrate your commitment to ending the pandemic
  • Get skilled at having constructive conversations about vaccination with patients, so that every healthcare interaction becomes an opportunity for you to support broad vaccine uptake.
The Centre for Effective Practice (CEP) is one of the largest independent knowledge translation organizations for primary care in Canada. Learn about the CEP's COVID-19 Resource Centre.

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