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Professional Liability Insurance

In late July 2013, CMLTO launched a 60-day consultation regarding the proposed amendments to the CMLTO Consolidated Bylaws requiring all Practising members to carry professional liability insurance (PLI), effective March 31, 2014. Council received CMLTO members’ and stakeholders’ feedback at its November 29, 2013 meeting.
The motion to adopt the proposed amendments to the CMLTO Consolidated Bylaws passed unanimously.

Members and stakeholders can review the following documents for further information:
Background (PDF) on the process of passing the proposed amendments to the CMLTO Consolidated Bylaws regarding PLI.
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) outlining how the PLI requirement will affect members.
Excerpt (PDF) from the CMLTO Consolidated Bylaws (PDF) concerning mandatory professional liability insurance for Practising medical laboratory technologists.

PLI audit requirement

The CMLTO Consolidated Bylaws stipulate that Practising members shall provide proof that his or her professional liability insurance complies with the requirement. Annually, CMLTO conducts a PLI audit where it randomly selects members who must provide proof of coverage.

Members selected for audit will be notified via their preferred email noted in their member profile. Audited members will be required to complete the online PLI audit form and provide their name, registration number, name of the insurance company, policy number and expiry date.

Members have 30 days to complete the audit and may input information to the online form as they acquire it. Members who have not responded to the audit will be sent reminder emails at day 15 and day 25 of the audit. 

Failure to provide proof of PLI coverage will restrict your ability to practice in Ontario. Failure to respond to the audit is considered professional misconduct. 

In late 2014, CMLTO completed a pilot audit and identified the following common problems members encountered.
Problem Solution
Email addresses and employment status on file were not current. Members have an obligation to notify CMLTO of any changes to demographic or employment information within 30 days of the change via www.cmlto-onlineservices.com.
Members do not access their preferred email account regularly. Add your most commonly used email address to your member profile.
CMLTO correspondence ends up in a junk or spam folder due to email filters used. Add CMLTO to your “safe sender” list of your email program.
Members encountered difficulty obtaining employer professional liability insurance coverage information. Employers will be notified via CMLTO Employer Newsletter that the PLI audit is underway. If you have multiple employers you are required to provide PLI coverage information for each employer. Contact either the Human Resources or Finance department as they most likely can provide the required information.
Members obtain PLI coverage from the provincial or national association but don’t know the specific details of the coverage. Contact the association directly to obtain the Name of Insurer, Policy number. The associations are aware of the PLI audit requirements.

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