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Registration Classes

The Medical Laboratory Technology Act, 1991, governs the profession of medical laboratory technology, and under Ontario Regulation 207/94 defines the registration categories for CMLTO members.

There are two classes of registration with the CMLTO:

  • Practising – Registrants have met all the requirements of the CMLTO (education, examination, active engagement in the profession) and are able to practise without restriction.
  • Non-practising – Registrants have met the CMLTO registration requirements, but are not permitted to practise.
  • Emergency – Emergency certificates are only issued when the Ministry of Health or the CMLTO Board of Directors declares an emergency. Please contact the CMLTO to confirm if an emergency was declared prior to registering in this class.

For detailed information about registration requirements for Practising and Non-practising classes, click here (PDF). 

To Request Changing Registration Classes
To request a change in registration class to Practising, complete and submit the CMLTO Practising Certificate of Registration Request Form / Formulaire de demande de certificat d'inscription à la pratique de l'OTLMO

For more information, please refer to Registration Committee Policy 09: Changing Class of Registration available here / Pour plus d'informations, allez ici. Please also refer to the Registration Committee Policy 13: Active Engagement available here / Participation active en français ici.

Emergency Certificate of Registration
For information about the Emergency class, please review Registration Committee Policy 21: Emergency Certificate of Registration available here / Certificat d'inscription en cas d'urgence ici. Please note that those with Emergency certificates will practise under supervision.

Please consult the resources below for more information about practising under supervision: 

  • CMLTO Supervision Form (available in English here / disponible en français ici
  • CMLTO Guidelines for Supervision (available in English here / disponible en français ici
For further information, please contact the CMLTO Registration Department at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Flowchart showing the process to change your class of registration

adobe_pdf_file_icon_24x24Download a colour PDF

adobe_pdf_file_icon_24x24Download a greyscale PDF