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Find a Lab


If your health professional has ordered laboratory tests for you, you will be given a requisition that you need to take with you to a laboratory or a specimen collection centre. Your health professional may be able to suggest a local laboratory or a specimen collection centre to visit.

Important notice: The CMLTO does not license medical laboratories or specimen collection centres.

The CMLTO is the regulatory body for medical laboratory technologists (MLTs) in Ontario, and exists to ensure the public receives quality laboratory services from competent and ethical professionals. Learn more.

The Institute in Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH) website maintains a list of all licensed laboratories in Ontario. Please click here to view IQMH's list of licensed laboratories. You will have to click on the 'City' or 'Province' headings to sort the IQMH list to find laboratories near you. The CMLTO does not manage the list or its content.

Some hospitals have outpatient laboratories. Please contact your local hospital to find out if outpatient laboratory services are available, their location, and hours.

You may also visit a specimen collection centre, which are often operated by community laboratories. Some community laboratory websites are listed below. Visit the sites and follow the instructions to find the location nearest you: