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As a result of changes in the health care system, patient expectations of health care professionals have evolved. The College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario’s (CMLTO) role includes a legislated requirement to promote the ability of members to respond to system changes.

CMLTO’s Code of Ethics (PDF) and Standards of Practice (PDF) are the foundation of an MLT’s professionalism. The medical laboratory technology profession can build upon this foundation and embrace the opportunity to enhance professionalism to continue improving patient care.

Enhanced professionalism relates to the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours of MLTs that will support the evolving needs of the public and the health care system.

From 2008 to 2010, CMLTO learned about health care system changes affecting the MLT’s professional practice through presentations and focus group sessions with members. These discussions suggested the need to revisit the role of the MLT in the system, and the CMLTO’s definition of professionalism.

CMLTO released the Medical Laboratory Technologists: Empowering Enhanced Professionalism White Paper (PDF) in April 2010. It underscores how the provision of safe, high-quality laboratory services is critically important to efficient and effective health care delivery. It formed the basis for a series of member relations linkage sessions in 2010 and 2011, through which the CMLTO discussed enhanced professionalism with over 550 medical laboratory technologists. The discussions centered on the impact of enhanced professionalism on patient care and the enablers and barriers to empowering supportive behaviours.

The themes presented in the White Paper, along with those that emerged through discussions between the CMLTO and MLTs, were synthesized into an Enhanced Professionalism Position Paper (PDF), released in April 2012. The paper defines:

  • the components of enhanced professionalism
  • highlight its importance in support of the evolution of the heath care system
  • present a case for the collaborative efforts of stakeholders in the profession to assist in this transformation.

By acting as a catalyst for engagement with MLTs and the broader health care system, the CMLTO can empower enhanced professionalism and uphold aspects of professionalism that relate directly to its mandate as health regulatory College. However, the contribution of all stakeholders, including educational institutions, professional organizations, employers and, most importantly, individual MLTs, is required to support and facilitate the emergence of an enhanced professionalism. Through this collective action, in accordance with each stakeholder’s unique role and mandate, MLTs will continue to maximize their contributions to the health care system, leading to improved patient care.

Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to share your thoughts on enhanced professionalism or to request a CMLTO representative deliver a presentation at your organization.