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Professional Portfolio


The Professional Portfolio helps registrants maintain professional excellence by promoting ongoing self-reflection and development. Every CMLTO registrant that holds a Practising certificate of registration ("Practising registrant") must maintain a Professional Portfolio in order to set measurable goals toward continuous quality improvement and enhanced professional practice. Completion of the Professional Portfolio is self-declared during the annual registration renewal.

In accordance with QAC Policy 15 – Professional Portfolio Description (here) / Pour une copie française cliquez (ici), the portfolio runs on an annual cycle from January 1 to December 31. Registrants can access their portfolio by logging into CMLTO Online Services (here). The Professional Portfolio consists of two Stages. Stage 1 includes the Professional Profile, Self-assessment, and Learning Goal development. All Practising registrants are required to submit the Stage 1 Professional Portfolio by March 31st. This submission is reviewed by Quality Assurance Program (QAP) staff and feedback is provided to the registrant by email.

Stage 2 consists of the Professional Development activities and Learning Goal reflections. Submission is only required if the registrant is randomly selected for audit. Registrants may be randomly selected once every 5 years for the Professional Portfolio audit. If selected for audit, a registrant must submit their completed Professional Portfolio at any time before December 31st. The audit submission includes both Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it mandatory that I participate in the Quality Assurance Program?
Answer: The program is mandatory for all CMLTO Practising members, regardless of employment status. A member’s registration with the CMLTO is separate and distinct from their employment.

Question: What am I required to submit?
Answer: Members are required to submit their completed Stage 1 Professional Portfolio by March 31. Members who are randomly selected from the membership database for the Professional Portfolio audit must submit their completed portfolio by December 31.

The audit criteria approved by the Quality Assurance Committee is:

  • Every Practising member must submit the following Professional Portfolio sections by March 31st for review by Quality Assurance Program staff
    • Self-Assessment:
      • Completed self-evaluation of MLT tasks and responsibilities
      • Completed CMLTO Standards of Practice self-assessment
      • Completed Practice Improvement Self-assessment Module (PRISM)
    • Learning Goals:
      • Two learning goals with at least one based on an area of improvement identified by the self-assessment. Only the Goal and Goal Description sections must be submitted by March 31st.
  • Practising members are randomly selected once every five (5) years to submit their comprehensive Professional Portfolio for review by the Quality Assurance Program staff. Randomly selected members are required to submit the following by December 31st.
    • Confirmed Professional Profile information 
    • Completed self-assessment (completed by March 31st) 
    • Learning goals with the following sections completed:
      • Goal (completed by March 31st) 
      • Goal Description (completed by March 31st) 
      • Impact on Practice 
      • Goal completed 
      • If Goal completed is No or Ongoing, the Next steps are recorded.
    • Completed Professional Development requirements and hours
      • A minimum of three different activity types 
      • A minimum of three activities are linked to a learning goal and includes a description of how the activity supported their continued competence. 
      • A minimum of thirty (30) professional development hours with key learnings that clearly describe how it advanced the member’s professional knowledge, skill, and/or judgment.
    • Practising members who register with the College in the current portfolio year will not be selected to submit their Professional Portfolio. The first calendar year of CMLTO registration does not contribute to the five (5) year cycle but they are still required to maintain an up-to-date professional portfolio.
    • A Practising member may be required to submit their Professional Portfolio within thirty (30) days upon request by the Quality Assurance Committee.
Question: What happens if I get audited?
Answer: The Professional Portfolio audit process is described below.
  1. Members are randomly selected annually from the membership database to complete the Professional Portfolio audit. Members audited in the previous 4 years or those registered in the current year are not eligible for the Professional Portfolio audit.
  2.  Members are notified by mail and email that they are required to submit their completed Professional Portfolio by December 31. The notice includes detailed instructions to complete the audit submission.
  3. In preparation for the audit, members should review the Professional Portfolio guidance documents.
  4. Once the portfolio requirements are met members may submit their Professional Portfolio any time prior to the December 31 deadline.
  5. A Quality Assurance Program (QAP) staff member will review the Professional Portfolio audit submission. If further information or clarification is required, QAP staff will contact the member via email or telephone.
  6. When the Professional Portfolio review is completed, QAP staff will provide the member with a Professional Portfolio audit summary report.
  7. Members are sent and encouraged to complete the anonymous Professional Portfolio feedback survey. Member feedback enables the CMLTO to continuously improve the QAP.
  8. If a member is not compliant with the audit requirements their file is referred to the Quality Assurance Committee for review.
Question: What happens if I cannot meet the submission deadline?
Answer: It is recognized that sometimes members’ personal or professional circumstances do not allow them to meet their Quality Assurance obligations by the submission deadline. In extenuating circumstances, written (e-mail, fax or letter) requests to delay the date of submission will be considered in accordance with CMLTO policy.

Question: Is my employer notified when I am selected for audit?
Answer: A member’s employer(s) is not informed when they are audited. Legislation requires all information collected during an audit to remain confidential. This information cannot be used for other purposes, even by other CMLTO Statutory Committees.

Question: What if I don’t have enough hours to report for the Professional Portfolio? 
Answer: CMLTO Quality Assurance Program staff will provide guidance in order to help the member attain the hours they require for the Professional Portfolio. In some cases, a member’s file may go before the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) for further recommendations and actions.

Question: How long should I retain my professional development records?
Answer: It is recommended that members keep their professional development records for the previous two calendar years


Professional Portfolio Stage 1
Professional Portfolio Stage 2

Learning Goals (English) 
Learning Goals (French) 

Self-Directed Study Guideline (English) 
Self-Directed Study Guideline (French)

Professional Portfolio Tipsheet (English)
Professional Portfolio Tipsheet (French)