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Consultation reminder: proposed Bylaw amendments

18 November 2015

At its September 15, 2015 meeting, the CMLTO Council directed that proposed amendments to the CMLTO Consolidated Bylaws be circulated to members and stakeholders for comment.
The proposed amendments relate to the information that members will be required to provide to the CMLTO and expanding the information that the CMLTO will post on the Public Register upon approval of the proposed amendments.
Click here for more information. Click here to provide feedback online.

CMLTO Voluntary Roster webinar

09 November 2015

CMLTO is a hosting webinar about the regulation of medical laboratory assistants and technicians and the launch of the Voluntary Roster. Plan to join us on Wednesday, December 2, 1:00-2:30pm.
Click here for registration details.

New PHOL labstract: influenza

03 November 2015

The Public Health Ontario Laboratories' (PHOL) new labstract (LAB-SD-070-005) regarding Influenza and other respiratory viral testing algorithms for fall and winter is available online here.

image of medical laboratory technologist at microscope